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Course of Study Overview

Fostering the Fundamental Capabilities Necessary to Create Machines

This program offers specialized subjects related to materials science, mechanics of materials, machine design, and precision machining to enable students to acquire and foster fundamental skills related to machine design, development, and manufacturing.

Cultivating Fundamental Skills Related to Effective Energy Usage

Through specialized subjects related to fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat-transfer engineering, this program equips students with fundamental skills related efficient energy usage and environmental compliance.

Striving to Innovate Within the Field of Manufacturing

By selecting specialized elective subjects, such as the Creative Innovation Project, Specialized Research, students can grow the skills necessary to engage in machine development and machine design improvement, as they aspire to achieve manufacturing innovation.

Mechanical Engineering Program Vision


Helping Students Develop a Problem Identifying/Solving-Oriented Approach to Engineering as Well as the Practical Research and Development Skills Necessary to Excel on the Global Stage

  • Training to help students acquire specialized fundamental knowledge on the field of mechanical engineering, as well as the skills necessary to further apply that knowledge
  • Design subjects that enable students to acquire the capabilities necessary for problem identifying/solving, as well as the capacity needed to achieve self-actualization
  • Opportunities to improve their global communication and technical presentation skills
  • Chances to engage in cutting edge research to acquire the skills necessary for research and development, and to foster the practical skills necessary to maintain and further develop one’s engineering capabilities
  • An integrated program of study (curriculum) that begins from the undergraduate level and extends to the post-graduate level, allowing students to strengthen and further attain high level general research and development abilities


Promoting Globally Leading, Cutting Edge, Innovative Research Toward a Prosperous Future Where Humankind and Nature Coexist in Harmony

  • The establishment of novel material characteristics using heterostructure control methods and 3D multiscale deformation/fracture characteristics evaluation
  • The development of tribo-element technology and next generation precision machining technology that aims to achieve a more sustainable society
  • Research related to more environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and innovative thermo-fluid energy conversion systems
  • Research and development of state of the art biometric measurement technology and life innovations related to identifying the functions of the human brain

Highlights of Each Academic Year

Freshman Through Junior Years

A Wide Variety of General Education Offerings Distinctive to an Interdisciplinary University

Students are able to select general education courses from a wide range of fields, with the aim of fostering their own human development, and to enable them to acquire a broader vision, as well as a sense of social responsibility.

A Rich Selection of Specialized Fundamental Courses and Practicum Courses

Students can acquire specialized fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering, and further attain the skills necessary to apply such knowledge through practicum courses.

A Diverse Range of Specialized Elective Courses and Engineering Ethics Courses

By deepening their specialized knowledge of mechanical engineering, students are able to acquire an understanding on mechanical engineering’s role and aims, while at the same time raising their awareness on the need to maintain harmony with the natural environment.

Extensive Engineering Design Offerings

By engaging in engineering design courses, such as the “Creative Engineering Experiments” and “Creative Innovation Project” courses, students can obtain the skills necessary to conduct self-driven engineering problem identification/analysis, and the ability to creatively solve such engineering problems. Additionally, seminar courses taught by professional research and development engineers and internships also provide students with opportunities to further build their practical knowledge.

Technical English Courses and Compulsory TOEIC Testing

Students are able to foster their Japanese communication skills and technical presentation abilities through courses related to technical writing, and they can further grow their technical English language proficiency through courses on English used in mechanical engineering contexts. Additionally, by making it compulsory to achieve a score of 400 on the TOEIC, students are encouraged to further build their global communication skills.

Senior Year

Further Improving Practical Skills by Engaging in Innovative and Cutting Edge Research

By engaging in research for their senior thesis, students are able to acquire the practical skills necessary to perform research and development. Additionally, students can further improve their technical presentation skills by presenting at academic conferences, etc., enabling them to develop as engineers with a good balance of knowledge and practical skills. Furthermore, by participating in industry-academic joint research, and collaborating with professional engineers, students can experience research and development in a corporate, professional setting, enabling them to further heighten their practical engineering skills.

Research Laboratory Overviews

Graduate School

An Integrated Program of Study that Seamlessly Connects Undergraduate and Pre-Doctoral First Term Studies

During the first term of the pre-doctoral (master’s) program, students further deepen their specialized knowledge attained during their undergraduate studies by taking post-graduate courses, and by further conducting independent, state of the art research that synthesizes knowledge obtained for different fields, students are able to attain highly sophisticated and interdisciplinary practical research and development skills

Career Placement

Aspire to Become an Engineer that Excels on the Global Stage

Students are able to go on to pursue careers at companies ranging from multinational corporations to local corporations, in a diverse variety of industries, while at the same time engaging mainly in research and development work as engineers.